The exciting news in residential 绿色 building is that the 联邦 National Mortgage Association, commonly known as 房利美, is providing incentives, including lower interest rates for multifamily properties with a 绿色 building certification.

There are an untold number of incentives for 绿色 building, including policies at the local, state and federal government levels, however, even in toto they are of limited efficacy. 

But 房利美’s new incentive of 10 基点s off any loan for properties with a 绿色 building certification has the potential to be a game changer.

房利美(Fannie Mae)成立于1938年,是政府资助的企业,自1968年以来一直是一家公开交易的公司。其目的是通过证券化抵押扩大二手抵押市场。自2010年以来,房利美(Fannie Mae)采取了绿色行动,但以前范围有限。 NYC M-PIRE产品仅在纽约市可用,并且Green Preservation Plus计划仅为负担得起的物业提供额外的绿色改良和维修收益,导致这两种非常好的激励措施仅适用于极少数房屋。 

房利美’s 绿色 initiatives mission is “以提高能源和水资源利用效率,增强财务和环境可持续性,并延长美国的使用寿命。’的多户住房存量。”


10个基点的价格激励非常真实。 (一种 basis point is 上 e hundredth of a percent. For example, 10 基点s is the same as a 0.1%.) There is no minimum or maximum loan size. And the maximum loan to value is up to 80%.

The property must possess a valid, current third party 绿色 building certification. The list of acceptable certifications from the 房利美 website are:

大亚特兰大房屋建筑商协会EarthCraft& South Face





绿色 Point,绿色打造


LEED ,美国绿色建筑委员会


While 美国GBC issued a press release about this new initiative some days ago, it is significant that 绿色 building can be much more than 上 ly LEED .

这些拥有绿色建筑认证的多户家庭物业除了为业主带来的好处外,这项举措带来的更大好处还包括房利美。’捆绑销售“green” mortgage backed securities. This is huge as it serves to standardize and expand the emergent 绿色 secondary financing market in the U.S. (.. think 绿色 bonds).  Each of those third party certifications is required to satisfy those environmentally conscious investors who will purchase the 绿色 securities.

房利美’较低的利率可能不是“in” response to climate change dystopia, but 绿色 mortgage backed securities, getting a big boost by this initiative, will be a key source of financing for 绿色 building that will save the planet.