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绿色 Leases 101

史蒂夫·特伊特鲍姆(Steve Teitelbaum)与琼斯·戴(Jones Day)在华盛顿特区的办公室从事房地产业务。史蒂夫 经常就房地产主题(尤其是租赁)演讲,并已成为"green" leases.  Since we have not covered 绿色 leases much 上 this blog, I thought Steve would make for a great interview.  Enjoy!    Chris: What is … 继续阅读

A Brave New 绿色 建造 World: LEED Certified Products

When I give 绿色 building presentations, I make it a point to explain that the LEED rating system does not certify products. I’m not going to be making that statement anymore. Two weeks ago, the US 绿色 建造 Council announced the launch of LEED Pilot Credit 43: Certified Products (PDF). 您可能已经猜到了… 继续阅读


I have already written about the short-term opportunities for contractors that focus 上 rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure.  But long-term opportunities will also arise in infrastructure construction as a result of flooding along our coastal areas. 的 Wall Street Journal recently highlighted two reasons why coastal cities prone to flooding, like New York 市, are making … 继续阅读


这是我的新法律博客《建筑索赔手册》的交叉帖子 (www.constructionclaimsplaybook.com)。  I hate traffic. 我一生中最幸福的几个月发生在我没有车而仅靠华盛顿特区的公共交通的时候。我认识的大多数人都鄙视交通,但将其视为人生中的一个’s nuisances.  But … 继续阅读


的re are a number of LEED-policy 文章s floating around the internet these days. Fast Company写了一篇文章,抨击LEED的能源表现不佳。 劳埃德·艾特(Lloyd Alter)在Treehugger上发表了一篇抨击《快速公司》文章的文章。  It’是时候将话语向前推进了。 USGBC如何打算提高建筑性能?之一… 继续阅读

绿色build Was All 关于 Innovation

就像著名的芝加哥人Harey Caray所说的,圣牛!  That 绿色build was the most productive, most informative, and most exciting 上 record, at least for me.  Keep in mind, I have 上ly attended two 绿色build conferences.  If you want a recap of key 绿色build events as I saw it them, then check here, here and … 继续阅读

加入我的免费网络研讨会:“Retrofitting Cities”

不能’今年不能加入Greenbuild?  Why not attend a free webinar with some of the most influential 绿色 thinkers in the country?  I 参加免费活动感到非常荣幸和兴奋 11月22日举行的网络研讨会标题为"Retrofitting Cities: How to ‘Green’ the Cities We’ve Got."  希望您能加入我们。 在这里注册。加装… 继续阅读

Lots to Know 关于 绿色build

老实说我可以’等待本周的Greenbuild。 原因如下。可持续城市集体除了发布《绿色建筑法》外,我最近还成为了可持续城市集体(SSC)的顾问成员。 SSC是一个有用的网站,因为它汇总了一些绿色和绿色的文章和博客文章。… 继续阅读

的 World is Your 绿色 建造 Oyster

I will be taking a break from blogging over the next two weeks for a vacation.  But I promise you that I will be thinking about 绿色 building – much to the chagrin of my wife.  I will be thinking about 绿色 building because I am more excited than ever by the opportunities that are … 继续阅读


的 绿色建筑认证 Institute’s (GBCI) 使用第三方认证机构的持续时间不长。     You may recall that in 2009, the United 州s 绿色 建造 Council (USGBC) outsourced 绿色 building certification to the 绿色建筑认证 研究所:   "LEED认证变得如此流行,以至于USGBC必须开始允许通过独立认证机构进行认证。 。 。… 继续阅读

JE Dunn荣获LEED金牌总部

As long time readers know, I am originally from Kansas. While 绿色 buildings have been common in DC for some time, the Midwest is just now starting to develop its own 绿色 building market.  I was extremely excited to get an opportunity to tour 上e of the newest 绿色 buildings in Kansas 市.   Tim … 继续阅读

更新:优先考虑设置LEED CIR

如果您参与正在寻求LEED认证的建筑项目,此消息可能会让您感到宽慰。 据西蒙的玛丽安·基勒&美国绿色建筑委员会(USGBC)协会正在重新考虑其决定停止公开信用解释要求(CIR)的决定。 我之前将CIR描述为… 继续阅读

绿色 Professionals Happy Hour – Welcome Back!

今年将是绿色专业人士的一年。 绿色专业人员将提供工具服务,特别是在DC大都会地区,该地区是众多绿色计划的孵化器。 为了将您所有志趣相投的绿色专业人员召集在一起,我们正在复兴绿色专业人员… 继续阅读

My Favorite 绿色 建造 Stories of the Year

2009 was my first full year blogging at 绿色 建造 法 更新资料. It was a difficult year for the construction industry, but the 绿色 building movement continued to grow. I recently went back and reviewed the 绿色 建造 法 更新资料 stories from 2009. Below are some of my favorite quotes from my favorite posts. If … 继续阅读

More 绿色 Certification Means Less Press

我经常争辩说,寻求绿色建筑认证有三个主要的非环境原因:利润,合规性和新闻/商誉。 明尼阿波利斯/圣保罗的一篇文章。 《保罗商业日报》最近研究了获得LEED认证的建筑物的压机: 几年前,当任何建筑物宣布获得LEED认证时,这都是一件大事。… 继续阅读


[Ed. Note: written by Steve McBrady] Starbucks coffee has always been an integral part of what we do here at 绿色 建造 法 更新资料. Until now, it was primarily a means of keeping our readers awake while we write endlessly 上 绿色 building and sustainable development in government contracts and in commercial construction, or discuss … 继续阅读

Congratulations to the Top 绿色 Contractors

恭喜今年’s Top 100 绿色 contractors, as determined by ENR.    的 Top 100 绿色 Contractors for 2008 RANK FIRM 2008   1 的 Turner Corp., New York, N.Y. 2 Webcor Builders, San Mateo, Calif. 3 Skanska USA Inc., Whitestone, N.Y. 4 Bovis Lend Lease, New York, N.Y. 5 Swinerton Inc., San Francisco, Calif. … 继续阅读

More Proof 绿色 建造 Is Not A Fad

我一般不’t like numbers. 但是我从未见过如此有说服力的证据表明绿色建筑业将继续存在(ENR– subscription req.): 的 Top 100 (green contractors) generated $38.69 billion in revenue in 2008 from projects registered with or certified by 第三-party rating groups under objective environmental or sustainable development standards.  … 继续阅读


I hope everyone is having a great Labor Day.  No new post today.  Instead, I would suggest you read or re-read the New York Times 文章 about LEED and energy performance. 的 文章 is 上e of my most important to come out 上 绿色 building in awhile.  As I said 上 Friday, the most interesting … 继续阅读

的 Future of LEED: Re-certification

I found a YouTube video of a 绿色 roof being set 上 fire that I planned to post today.  You know another topic would have to be very important to pre-empt a 绿色 roof fire video. 这样的话题已经暴露出来了。 在星期三,我们开始谈论《纽约时报》 LEED的能源绩效… 继续阅读


今天没有实质新闻。 相反,这是有关8月20日即将举行的博客生日聚会欢乐时光的详细信息:  Who:  All of the 绿色 建造 法 更新资料 readers and friends When: 8月20日,下午6:00-8:00,其中: 达林顿大厦(Darlington House),地址:2010 St. NW, 华盛顿特区为什么: 这样我们终于可以见面了。  Or … 继续阅读

Birthday Party for 绿色 建造 法 更新资料

上周,我的博客中有一个瞬间,我意识到它在我眼前成长。 Robert J. MacPherson是ABA建筑业论坛的主席。  In the recent issue of 的 施工 法yer (the Forum’》,麦克弗森先生作为离任主席发表了告别专栏(PDF)。  I … 继续阅读